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Here’s a story that I’ve never told. It belongs to one of my most successful photos in all my years as a photographer, and it was anything but a lucky snap. This photograph proves that photography is a lot more than a click of a button. It involves planning, dedication and perseverance to get the shot you want.

This is the Big Picture story of my shot of Bergsbotn.

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How to Photograph the Stars

I have always wanted to capture the stars.  Ever since growing up I would sit outside my window and stare out into the endless night sky. Now I spend many nights out in the cold, watching the stars pass by and capturing our galaxy exactly how I see it.

In this post I’ll share with you my tips and tricks on how to make that happen.

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This is a post I wish I had come across when the idea of camping at Yosemite dropped into our minds. We did indeed decide to embark on a 7 hour journey to one of the most popular national parks on the most busy weekends of the year in the United States – the 4th of July weekend. Without so much as a plan.

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As far as dream vacations go, your first choice might not be a roadtrip around the country in a camper van. But it should be!  A roadtrip is always our preferred method of exploring a new country, however with scandinavian prices choking any hope of a budget holiday we needed an alternative to booking a rental car as well as accomodation. We took the plunge, took advantage of the off-season price tag, and adventured through Iceland in a campervan in the winter for 9 cold days.

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